Corvus Cosmetics is now closed. Thank you all for four wonderful years. For those of you who have open orders, your order will ship within 5-35 business days of ordering. All current orders will still be going out as scheduled. Please note: If you requested order combination, while we will do our best to adhere to all requests, due to a volume of orders, we cannot guarantee that your order will be combined.

If you want to keep up-to-date on order progress, join our Facebook group, The Corvus Nest! We will be posting updates on order status as we move along.

The Corvus Nest:

Here are the dates you can expect your order to ship by at maximum. All orders will be out before these dates.

Ordered May 15: July 5
Ordered May 16: July 6
Ordered May 17: July 9
Ordered May 18: July 10
Ordered May 19: July 11
Ordered May 20: July 12
Ordered May 21: July 13
Ordered May 22: July 16
Ordered May 23: July 17
Ordered May 24: July 18
Ordered May 25: July 19
Ordered May 26: July 20
Ordered May 27: July 23
Ordered May 28: July 24
Ordered May 29: July 25

Please keep in mind these are absolute order deadlines! Most orders will ship well before this. All orders are automatically combined, and shipping overages are refunded. If you placed multiple orders, your turnaround time begins on the day of your latest order. (ex: if you ordered May 14 and May 28, your deadline will be July 24)

If you receive a shipping notification, please allowtime for tracking updates to appear. Some orders may take longer than others. Shipping notifications are sent at the beginning of a batch going out. Your order will ship by the TAT deadline, regardless of how long your shipping notification has gone without updates.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email!

Find out when we open:

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