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Most of our collections are only available through certain times of the year. This is determined by the theme, the colors within the collection, and the availability of other collections. During the collection's active period, it will remain in stock, and will be continuously restocked until the collection's active period is over. After this time, all remaining stock will be sold individually. When a collection is no longer active, it cannot be purchased as a full collection listing.


Here is the availability by month. Collections become active on the first of every month, and remain that way until the last day of that month.


(Some collections, such as The Essentials and Nevermore, are available year round and will not be listed here. Limited Edition and exclusive shades have their own timelines, and will also not be listed here.)


Spring/Summer Collections

Available beginning March 1st, and ending August 31st.

  • Kinder-und Hausmärchen
  • Le Cirque
  • Major Arcana, Part One
  • Merewif

Autumn/Winter Collections

Available beginning September 1st, and ending February 28th

  • Cryptozoology
  • Eventyr
  • Major Arcana, Part Two
  • Mouseia

General Catalog Collections

These collections are available all year round.

  • Nevermore
  • The Best of Corvus
  • The Bronzes
  • The Reds
  • The Roses